Study US Solutions with Best Cost Savings

America is a country with a massive education and development in the world, which annually attracts hundreds of thousands of international students from Vietnam and other countries. A learning environment attractive and open employment opportunities, but to possess study VISA American plate is not easy. One of the biggest obstacles for countries like Vietnam's financial problems.

Countries with expensive costs Study 3rd world

With an average cost of $ 36,000 / year (about 800 million / year) for both tuition and living expenses, the US is the country with the cost study ranks 3rd in the world (after Australia & Singapore). This is an investment in the luxury and sometimes as "unrealistic" for the vast majority of students from Vietnam.

However, this is only an average. In fact, with a massive educational system with tens of thousands of universities, colleges spread across 50 states, large and small, there are many schools in the US will be offered for "breathable" comes with the quality of teaching and high school, will be a great choice for most students.

Where is the smart choice?

In addition to the system of private universities with tuition fees really expensive, in each of the US states have a system of public universities cost a lot easier. In fact, tuition at public schools in the US are often only 1/3 in private schools. This is due to public schools all the attention and great support from the government about the financing of the host state. Moreover, the quality of the learning environment and the public University system not inferior to private schools. The average tuition at public universities is only from $ 12,000 - $ 15,000 / year. With these outstanding features that the universities / colleges in the US public has every year attracted a lot of students come from all over the world.

May 12/2016 Seminar - US Study Solutions with Best Cost Savings

To meet the huge demand for information on US Study in general and financial issues / costs in particular, VNIS Education Event "US Study Solution Saves Costs with the most." Attending workshops, their parents & the students will be equipped with all our information about:

System Public & Private Universities American reality.

The financial information, to study solutions to the financial bottom $ 15,000 / year (inclusive of tuition and living expenses).

About 1 public universities typical, with lower fees associated with good quality training.

University of Arkansas (Arkansas State Univeristy, also known as A-State) is a public school and a primary school in the University System Arkansas (Arkansas State University System) - the system's largest university states, and also to be recognized as the number of school students of the state's second largest. A-State is located in central South America, possesses a cultural identity characterized the amalgamation of the delta.

Arkansas State University

School ranks # 20 in the ranking of the best public university in America (rank very high for years).

Tuition + Accommodation costs low, one of the schools with the lowest tuition rates America.

Extensive training programs, in accordance with the object of international students: The university has nine schools under specialized training in various disciplines: Business, Technology, Education, Engineering, Design, Music music, Media, intensive program of nursing and health Services, Sciences, Mathematics. In each case, have the discipline, curriculum rich and relevant to the needs of students. With more than 160 domains and 250 training programs, you will definitely be choosing their favorite discipline.

The curriculum of the school online MBA ranked # 10 among the top online MBA programs best American countries.

Top 6 Safety Universities in America 2015 (according to the Best Colleges).

50% tuition scholarships for students in Vietnam

The University of North Alabama (UNA University of North Alabama) - the oldest University in Alabama. UNA is situated between 3 cities include Tuscumbia, Sheffield and Muscle Shoals. Three cities form a vibrant urban area with a population of approximately 140,000 people.

University of North Alabama

Safety: The city of Florence, Ala, located in South America is one of the safest cities. 4 seasons and the weather is quite pleasant all year round, it's the same with the people here.

Breathable Cost: UNA is ranked in the list of U.S. News and World Report as one of the universities with high quality teaching that moderate fees.

Was accreditation: UNA has more than 100 programs and postgraduate University in 4 different specialties: Art and Science; Business, Education and Social Sciences; Nurses are highly in quality.

Friendly and Diversity: At UNA, students benefit from small classes, faculty and student super enthusiastic international and native of the problem