Why choosing US ?

You are looking for a positive launch pad for his career with a bachelor's degree honorable? Current No. 1 destination for international students who are looking for a career peak is studying in USA! Have you ever dreamed of standing in the ranks of international experts and highly qualified, who is respected across the world yet?

tại sao lựa chọn Mỹ

If the answer is yes, here are some things you need to consider. So these factors have helped the country become a cradle for the best education for international students? Why study in the US is the price of your choice?

1. Commitment to Quality

One of the attractions of American education is a global reputation for quality commitment. Only outstanding students the opportunity to enter a new study at the top universities in the US, where the quality of education is guaranteed by the system and experienced trainers are trained. This advanced education always be improved over time and degree that students are not only widely recognized but also respected throughout the world.

2. Cradle of Scientific Research

If you are aiming for scientific research, the US is the perfect choice for higher education. You will have the opportunity to learn and grow when registering to attend training courses Master or Doctorate (Ph.D.). Party research grants will support your individual needs through the fully paid tuition and grants, combined with the challenges posed in the research process will certainly satisfy the intellectual ladder in which you always wanted. Costs and donations to serve the university research often comes from the federal government or multinational corporations in more prestigious areas.

3. Flexibility in Course Selection

You will soon realize that our educational system is much different than in your country. US Education System allows selection of courses is very flexible, as you can choose your favorite subjects from a variety of different topics. From there, you can focus his research in the field without having to engage in any other unnecessary classes. You can freely select a schedule consistent with itself because some subjects were divided into courses and lasts until the end of the school year. Systematics under this quarterly period or useful to allow you to complete the program of study and have more time to do research projects if necessary. More specifically, if you complete the full course of the necessary, you can master degree within one year earlier. Additionally, you can also extend the curriculum to dedicate more time to the study and then complete the course in a few years.

4. Financial Support

The funding opportunity is also a great motivation that international students choose to study in the US high school. Most universities are the subsidies, loans or financial support for students to help them cover the daily expenses as well as pay school fees (in some cases). This assistance is based on achievement rather than financial need. If you can prove your excellence in academic research, then you will have the opportunity to study for free in the United States. Also, get help with loans from banks is also quite easy if you can prove to the admission. Employment program at the school campus will have specific jobs for students with appropriate skills. For example, if you love the humanities, you can search for a job in the library.

5. Window of Opportunity Career

After completion of the study and issued by, you will have the right to work legally in the United States in which they have learned with a period of one year. To achieve this, you need to apply to Internship Program Options - "Optional Practical Training Employment Authorization" (OPT). A lot of international students has been the company sought to work during the period of application for this OPT, funded through the H1-B visa, also known as work visa. This visa is usually granted by the employers when they recruit international students into the field of a special nature, such as software, Engineering, accounting, education or marketing. When H1-B visa is granted, you will officially be working in the US instead of having to return home.

6. Cultural Experience and Improving Value Themselves

Approximately 30% of all international students in the world choose to study in the US. Therefore, in its role as an international student, you get the privilege to meet many young people from all over the world. Friction not only enhance cultural understanding, but also provide you with new knowledge of the world. The process of cultural exchange is exciting, plus the international diversity will surely enrich you not only in academic issues but also in the capital live. New friends are your new family.